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A month or three ago when DBZ Xenoverse went on sale for PSN, I grabbed it. Dragon Ball is pretty much one of my favorite things, and I'd wanted to try this out ever since I heard of the defunct Korean MMORPG version of it. The game casts you as a savior-type character recruited by Trunks to straighten out abnormalities in time. You can create your base character from one of five different races- Human, Saiyan, Majin, Namek or Freeza. You are only allowed one character until you finish the story for the first time, and I couldn't resist the chance to make my own member of Freeza's race, as he's my favorite DBZ villain.

I had been jealously eyeing the poofy hairdos and school uniforms I had been seeing on other users characters the whole time, though. Even though my character Chilla couldn't wear them, I started buying up stuff to create an A-ko character in the endgame. The wait was worth it, this might be one of the most accurate A-ko's I've been able to make.

I guess it's because Toriyama's style is also pretty oldschool that this works so well. The uniform isn't completely perfect but I just imagine this is A-ko as he would have drawn her. I never noticed before that she and Yamcha had pretty much the same hair. What is really cool is actually seeing her in action, running and flying around delivering the pain. Human female characters in this game tend to have lower strength and higher energy projection but since that's not really A-ko's fighting style I've put most of my points into stamina and attack, and avoided giving her fireball or Kamehameha-type moves.

It would have been great if you could make the other girls too, but as is common they just don't have the right hair. Although I haven't really developed her, I did make a Vs Battles A-ko too.


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