Promotional Materials Promotional Materials Ad for "In Your Eyes" Final single 70019500 Ad for Animayhem card game 70019499 CPM promo flyer 70019501 CPM promo flyer back 70019502 CPM promo flyer 2 70019503 CPM promo flyer 2 back 70019504 Poster for Japanese DVD release 70019540 Summer greeting postcard 125785640 Ad for cinema of Project A-ko "From the OVA hitmaker Soeishinsha. Original epic animation!! Project A-ko!! Join of Director Katsuhiko Nishijima and Animation director Yuuji Moriyama. This work is eye of the max storm of 1986!! Science fiction, Action, School life, Gag and Pretty Cute girls on parade, This is the origin of the cartoon film!!" 181424241 Ad for cinema of Project A-ko Final "The final project. What is the evolutionary grand opening of the story? Exclusive screening 7th october! Only on theatre Ikebukuro." 181424245 Ad page for cinema of Project A-ko 181515656 A-ko Photo 170297954 B-ko Photo 170297955 C-ko and B-ko Photo 170297956