Fan Works Fan Works Art by JerkDouglas, on DA: 86673211 Art by Zoe Moss: 87717699 A-ko Criterion Cover I know that I did little more than slap letters on an A-ko screenshot and then using manipulating software, but I wanted to share this with my fellow A-ko fans. This was based on a question I had in my head: What if A-ko had been re-released by the fancy Criterion Collection? I know the colors are in the wrong words, but I didn't discover it until it was too late, forgive me. When I tried to correct them it came out looking horrid. 106332826 B-ko by olo409 Art by olo409 153787072 120767059 120767460 A-ko plushie Custom UFO plushie doll by Crizl, see the whole gallery or commission your own at . 128950985 B-ko plushie Custom UFO plushie doll by Crizl, see the whole gallery or commission your own at . 128950986 B-ko plushie with helmet Custom UFO plushie doll by Crizl, see the whole gallery or commission your own at . 128950987 C-ko plushie Custom UFO plushie doll by Crizl, see the whole gallery or commission your own at . 128950988 Cute little diorama, you guessed it, by Crizl. I'm guessing she had fun with these, most of her other gallery pics are of just one doll. 128950989 project A-ko 3 140135951 A-ko waving with a smile 140193914 A-ko striching on a char 140193915 140445445 140445446 A-ko in changing room A-ko being DRTY in city pool changing room. 145651941 MS Paint A-ko Older pieces I drew circa mid 2009 when I was borrowing my boss's tablet before I received my own. 163749299 Creamy Ayumi A touched-up version of the original picture I submitted to my deviantART a couple years back. I always loved this obvious inspiration <: 163749300 Draw This Again Just thought I'd submit this as well as it shows the original image I had drawn as a 12 year-old that was hosted on the old to now. 166257142 Project A-ko Cover Cover to my first fan-comic ever over a decade ago. Thought it would be fun to redraw it since I got hardcore back into Project A-ko last year again. 166257143 a-ko striching 173213695 Art by Kemonono 181326482 Art by Kane-bon a.k.a. Shin Ashida (1986) 181327538 Art by piroaki7 181422529 Art by Sudama 181422212 Fanart I found on Pixiv. 182878945 182878958 More Pixiv awesomeness! 185007415 Don't eat it, A-ko! 191771860 Diana/Wonder Woman kissing her baby A-ko. With the exception of the 'Vs' version of 'Project A-ko' we've never seen A-ko being a newborn to her proud Superhero parents in the original 'Graviton City/schoolgirl' version. So, after seeing this 'Channel 52' news segment primarily featuring Wonder Woman, especially the kissing the baby panel, minor (pun not intended) changes were made , e.g.: re-coloring of the baby's hair and a cameo of 'the Colonel.' 203896396 A-ko rescued by her parents ('Project A-ko 4: Final) It was never known how A-ko and B-ko survived reentry which could have killed them after the failed effort to retrieve Princess C-ko. The only way they lived through that deadly ordeal were because A-ko's parents, Superman and Wonder Woman caught their daughter along with B-ko,in mid-air (both in a state of semi-consciousness) took the Daitokuji heiress to her home and then carried their daughter home. Which is the reason why we saw Clark and Diana in the living room as a dazed A-ko passed by to answer the front doorbell at the conclusion of the Project A-ko anime. 203899581 "I Greatly admire my parents Superman and Wonder Woman." It's not actually of Fan Works quality per se, but I had to share this particularly highlighted photo clip presented on the 'Jeopardy' game-show. This is most likely what A-ko would proudly say about her famous parents. I've often wondered (pun not intended) if A-ko knew who her parents really were? According to what was seen in 'Project A-ko 2' it appears that she is totally unaware of their dual identities, all she knew was that they occasionally "go to America on business" 203914266 203930115